With a long history of professional photography in the family, the birth of my daughter awoke the sleeping desire to return to the beautiful world of photography that ran through my veins. 
Capturing love and stories has driven me ever since. 

Life is precious and appears to pass by so quickly. I can't believe 3 and half years have gone by since the birth of my daughter. Where once was a wee beautiful bundle is now this magnificent talking and running young girl. Glimpses of who she'll be flash before my eyes and sometimes I want to stop time so as never to forget this moment, right now.
Photos don't produce miracles but they can produce beautiful reminders and memories of our journeys together. We all have hundreds of photos on our devices but how many do you actually have to hold in your hands, admire on a wall or treasure in a timeless album. 
I want to make these memories tactile, tangible so you can always appreciate and remember who you were and who you are and the love that binds it all together. 

To remember this beautiful, funny, messy little thing called love.